Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In a Million Trillion Years...

It snowed, well if you call less than an inch barely covering the grass a snow. Then yes, it snowed. Unlike my friends up in the East who are getting dumped on once again. Wonder what this is going to do to the New Hampshire primary which is scheduled for today??  What happens in New Hampshire could change who's on the ballot around the country.  Predictions say Trump vs. Sanders. Oh boy, not sure what to say about that prediction. I am not into political debating, but I think our country deserves better. I'm just going to say I never ever (in a million trillion years) thought that Trump would come this far. Enough said.

Continuing on with my happy list:

8.  Birds at the feeder (anytime of the year)

9.   Tulips on the window sill in February

10.  The GPS in my car that guides me to my destination.

11.  Cincinnati Chili 4 ways - thin spaghetti, chili, cheese, and onion. Oh yum, and that's on the menu for dinner tonight.

12.  An electric blanket in the winter to warm my cold toes when I crawl into bed.

13.  Memories of water skiing behind my Dad's boat.

14.  The color RED

15.  A good fitting bra.

Boone (the cat) is at the Vet's right now being de-clawed. I know some think that this is heartless, but the intent is that he will be an indoor cat, so defense claws are not needed.  Cinder has no teeth to bite with and Toby in his 9 years of living has never bit anyone.  Bailey and Boone will eventually leave and when that time comes I would like my furniture and drapes to be intact. I should add this to my happy list....declawed Boone. (sounds harsh and I am feeling a tad remorse over this, but not enough to call the vet and cancel the procedure)

Have a happy day...to be continued.

Until next time....

Monday, February 8, 2016

Look At That Face!!

Saturday was the highlight of my week.  My grandson (Dad) was in charge of Matilda Mae for the day while her mom, Hilary attended a shower and a bacherlorette party. Brandon decided since he had all day he would drive down, make a trip to IKEA to pick up some essentials, and then swing by my house where we met up with her grandmother, (my daughter) I know it really gets confusing as to who's who, doesn't it?!  But all that aside I spent some time with the sweetest great-granddaughter ever. I mean really, look at that face....

This was the look she was giving her grandmother as she was shopping for her latest toy.  Can't resist that.....

Before we left to go shopping we had a little story-time....now you may not think this is a big deal, but until now, Matilda was only happy when she was either 1) in her mother's arms 2) in her Dad's arms or 3) walking by herself.  So to have her sit on her grandmother's lap and read to her is a monumental leap. She let me hold her hand, and I did hold her for about 30 seconds in the restaurant while we were waiting for a table. So we are making social headway, yippee!!

All done shopping, now off to dinner. She was perfect, never a tear, never a whine and even a comedian at the table with her peekaboo antics. I know you want a close-up of those shoes with day-of-the-week socks.

It's too bad we can't have more days like those, but I am blessed when I have them.

I stopped at TJ's after church yesterday because I only have 3 out of the bouquet of ranunculus that are still in photo op condition.

No more ranunculus and "maybe" they may get more, but in the meantime I couldn't resist this mum. Isn't she pretty? She has little spoon shaped petals that are so photo-worthy.

Scrolling down this post I realize it is filled with reds and pinks....maybe it's the month of Valentine's that is drawing me to those colors.

I only have 30 days and 10 hours left until my birthday. No, it's not a hugely significant birthday, but when you reach my age every year is definitely a celebration of life. So from now until my birthday (and probably after as well) I am listing things that make me happy. Hopefully by the time I get to my birth date I will have listed 73 items coinciding with my 73rd birthday. I did a blog-post on Focusing On Life last week, and that is what prompted me to do this.  So here goes my first go...PS these are not in any significant order.

1,   Having on-line bill paying. I never have to use a stamp or worry about the failure of mail delivery.

2.   Hard boiled eggs and sour-dough bread toast for breakfast

3.   Sitting with my pew buddies on Sunday mornings.

4.   A fresh idea for a blog post.

5.   A really good book.

6.   Getting a good report after a mammogram.

7.   Catching green lights all the way to my destination (especially when I am running late).

Think about what makes you happy.  I will list more of my happy list in upcoming posts.

Until next time.....

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Flowers, Audio Books, and Coloring Books (Everything You Ever Wanted to Know)

Whoop whoop, TJ's had ranunculas on it's flower cart yesterday when I stopped in after Bible Study. And there is nothing that delights me more on a cold, cloudy day in February than a fresh bunch of these gorgeous multi-petaled flowers.

And then to make the day even better they also had mini daffodils for $2.49.  Now how could anyone pass up these sweet petals of golden yellow?

When you see this you can't help but think that the promise of Spring will be here shortly. Well, possibly not shortly here, but somewhere.

And speaking of Spring, my blogging buddy, Jeanne, sent me a text on Friday inviting me to join her in the hill country of Texas in April for blue bonnet season.  A former photographer for Southern Living is conducting a photography tour of the area sponsored by the Dallas Arboretum, instructing us on photographing these beauties.  After that adventure we will head over to Fredricksburg and delight in all that's to see and do around that area for a few days. Can't wait.  Jeanne is originally from the Chicago area and now lives in the Dallas area, while I grew up in Dallas and now live here in the Chicago area. We met thru blogging and then met face to face a few years back while she was visiting family here. After that the 2 of us met in Charleston, SC a couple of years ago for a photography tour and had a great time together. Already have my plane ticket booked and Jeanne has booked our lodgings. Now Texas knows how to do Spring right, unlike here where it's iffy all thru April and even into May.

I've recently discovered a new sleeping pill.  No, it's not what you think, no drugs involved. It's called audio books. I have recently downloaded some audio books along with the read-a-long kind on my Kindle when the books & audio are a reasonable price.  No sooner do I turn that audio on, listen for possibly 15 minutes, and then I'm gone (asleep, that is). There is a 30 minute timer that I should set so the story doesn't get too far ahead without me actually listening. It's like falling asleep with a book on your lap that slips to the floor and you have no idea what words you last read or what page you were on. That's how I feel when I wake up and there is a voice reading to me and I have not a clue as to what I have missed or how much I need to back-up. Maybe I should be doing something productive while I am listening. Nah, I would rather fall asleep.

I ran into a friend at TJ's yesterday when I was gathering the beauties above, along with a few food items.  We have decided with the extra day in February, (the 29th) we are going to have an adult coloring day party. Won't that be fun. I just bought myself a brand new box of Prismacolor colored pencils, PS those are the best if you are interested in joining the coloring craze. I have 4 coloring books that are just waiting for those strokes of color. Have you joined the coloring book craze?


I know, I know, I am a terrible grandmother, but I did buy this for my granddaughter. She thought it was the best gift ever. Oh and she is 25 years old, so it's not like I gave it to a child. So while she is coloring swear words, I will be coloring Paris objects and flowers.

OK, I'm done (in more ways than one).

Until next time......